This is the new blog for Now Push and Now Push Notify, along with r/nowpush and Twitter as the source for all Now Push related news. We felt the blog would complement the subreddit, and that the subreddit isn’t the best way for us to do the longer more informative posts we had been doing since we started. So this is the new home for our longer-form posts and we have decided to kick this off still while we are in beta. We plan on posting on a semi-regular basis, we will post links to new blog posts over at the subreddit and also on Twitter. We will start with some more details on the upcoming beta builds, cover some FAQ-type posts, and also some “explainer” posts for the brilliant Now Push features, along with the more usual “status update” posts that we have been doing over on Reddit for a while now.

Anyway welcome and hope to see you all soon!

Update: We moved our blog to a new home and brought along all our old posts. So all old and new blog posts are dated from Nov 21.