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Moving Out Of Beta

As many of you know Now Push had been in beta since late spring / early summer last year. Over that time we grew from just available on mobile to Chrome and then Firefox applications, we added several new features and expanded to hundreds of users. We reached out to many of our early users to gather feedback and see what they thought about Now Push’s earliest versions. 

As many of you will probably also know, this beta period finally came to an end two weeks ago. We are now generally available on App Store, Play Store, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-on store, and more to come. 

These first two weeks have seen some significant growth in our platform, with over 4k impressions on the Apple App Store, we have grown our users to over 1.4k, 1.1k monthly active users, we hit 250 daily active users, over 3k visitors to our website and we have a truly global user base with some of our biggest amount of users sessions and website traffic coming from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany and our home country of Belgium.

This real “version one” release contained several new features, bug fixes, and we also introduced our subscription plan. Our “Now Push Pro” subscription plan has been introduced alongside our very generous “free tier” to allow us to build a sustainable business, to make sure Now Push can exist for a long time, and to allow us to invest further in the product and service we provide. This does not mean we will not invest in or look to further limit or restrict our free tier. We will always offer a generous free tier of Now Push, with no exceptions.

Our goal is to become the best cross-device sharing experience bar none, we are just getting started.

Version One includes:

– Threads

– Private Threads

– Universal Copy / Paste

– File Uploads

– Reminder Notifications

– Pro Subscription

We would like to thank each user that has been part of the journey so far and we would love you to continue on it with us. Please keep your eyes open for another post late this weekend or early next week. This post will introduce one of our new features “Universal Copy / Paste,” and we plan to do these types of updates more often going forward. We also have plans to reach out to all our users for another follow-up survey to get some first-hand insight into how you all see Now Push.

Lastly, our 50% discount period, for Now Push Pro has been extended for another few days to allow all of you to share this offer with family and friends to continue to grow Now Push.

So please share the code NOWPUSHBETA with your family, friends, and colleagues (also yourself if you have not signed up, for Now Push Pro). Anyone with that code will be able to get a 50% discount on Now Push Pro. This is a limited offer. Go to to get the 50% off for life! Offer ends