firefox now push update

Introducing Now Push for Firefox

You can “Now Push” to Firefox from iOS, Android, or Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge. It’s super simple, super-fast, and is just the latest step in building out our core applications!

You can find the Firefox extension here and visit the Now Push website for all our beta links (links will also be posted at the bottom of this post).

This is the next step is Now Push making it easy to share things between your mobile devices, between Android, iOS, and iPadOS, and now we support 3 major browsers!

What can I push to Firefox?

You can push anything to Firefox that you’re already able to push to the mobile apps or the Chrome/Edge extension. Getting a website link, a tweet, a text quote, a reminder, a to-do list, or even pictures onto your computer is now simple, secure, and just takes a second to share.

So how does pushing to Firefox work?

Anything you push to Firefox from the Push Tab will show up instantly as a notification (be sure to allow notifications in settings). These behave just like the mobile notifications: links open a new tab to that website, text can be copied and pasted on your computer, and pictures show up in the Firefox Extension and can be downloaded effortlessly.

After you’ve dismissed the notification, you can still access all of your pushes in the Push Tab of the Firefox extension. This makes it easy to find anything you’ve already pushed before downloading the Firefox extension.

Now Push with our Firefox extension along with our Chrome extension is the fastest and easiest way of getting anything from your phone onto your computer.

No more email attachments to yourself, no waiting for photo apps to sync or any other nonsense, Now Push to the device you want, when you need it!

Right now, the Firefox extension, as with our Chrome extension only supports the Push Tab (to be clear this means this version doesn’t support Friends or Threads) but we will bring all these feature parity with the mobile apps very soon.

Shipping soon?

We are hard at work getting ready to release:

  • Fixes to the Chrome extension to fix issues with Microsoft Edge browser and Opera browser
  • Share Extension fixes on iOS
  • Better support offline in the Friends Tab
  • Siri Shortcut functionality on iOS
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Shipping a bit later…

We’ve been working hard to bring some big update in our next release:

  • Delete previously sent Pushes on mobile
  • Allow pushes to be directed to specific devices
  • Apple Sign in
  • General quality, performance, and reliability improvements

Got some feedback? A feature request? A Bug to report? Getting in touch with us is easy your can email us, tweet us @nowpushapp or join our already active community on reddit r/nowpush and just leave a post. Regardless of how you want to connect with us, one of the team will get back to you.

The Now Push Team 💜