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Big news coming next week!

We have been a little understaffed over the past few weeks with some well earned PTO, some unforutnate (but not serious) sick leave, and sooner than expected paternity leave quite. However, things have still been ticking over and we annoucned big new coming soon over on Reddit at the start of Summer and we wanted to lay the ground work for a big announcement next week.

We have shipped a Bug fix (Chrome Build 1.0.15) that should have fixed a handful of issues. We still working on a Firefox issue with uploading, not a bug per se, but functionality we never added (due to technical reasons / limiations in the first version of the Firefox Addon) but soemthing we should have added from Day 1. iOS got a update last week to fix an annoying issue with the Share Extention that has been around for a while.

Anyway, bigger news next week and hopfully we will have a Firefox update before then.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

The Now Push Team 💜